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Ever wondered what it would be like to work for a corporation whose goals and aspirations were actually geared towards the people of the world? I’ve asked myself that same question many times over the years. “What would it be like if these drekheads actually gave a frak about the wageslaves whose lives they dominate?” But there in lies the double edged sword, giving a drek about these poor bastards means giving less of a drek about your own bottom dollar. We all know that aint gonna happen, ever.

Or will it?

The trid and trix both have been all a buzz with media blitz about this new upstart AA growing up in this world. Lead by a an entire group of women no less (hey omae, I got nothing against the fairer sex, just stating facts for ya jump all over me) and one that is growing faster than any other corp before it.

Not only that, but they’ve NOT got their hands in anything they consider “non-essential product pipelines” or some such corp drek like that. Something about clothing, entertainment, et all not being a prime concern to their bottom dollar.

Not to mention these people just bought the whole of the aurora warrens in Denver from the Denver city council. Holy hell..

Anyway, word has it on the shadow-net these peeps are working on something huge. I just have to wonder what it is..maybe you should to.

A shadowrun 4e and 5e campaign setting written and designed by DamionRayne

The Sentinel Conglomerate

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