Electra Annette Ovi'roa

Chief Executive Officer - Sentinel Conglomerate



Base Connection Rating: 10
Base Loyalty Rating: 1
Base Favor Chance: Low

Combat Capabilities: Unknown
Magical Capabilities: Estimated None
Matrix Skills: Estimated basic matrix user


“Media Blurb on the Trix”
To say that this “Young” Elven woman is a media sensation in 2075 would be an understatement. In less than a decade at the helm, she has managed to build the Sentinel Corporation in to the worlds most profitable, fasting growing and largest AA rated giant, that happens to not sit on the council with the big ten, in history. She’s all over the trid and the ’trix giving talks, speeches, breaking ground on new projects and playing “Mother” to a Corporation that now has regional operations centers either planned, under construction, or standing in 11 major countries around the world.

In less than a decade the Sentinel Conglomerate now operates five “Prime” subsidiary corporations, and over a dozen “Sub-Prime” corporations all over the world, including the worlds third largest private military contracting corporation, Sentinel Securities.

All thanks to the tall, athletic, charming and quite lovely Miss Ovi’roa. But then, she’s an Elf, so was any of the previous statement really ever in doubt?

Electra Annette Ovi'roa

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