The Sentinel Conglomerate

For all things, there is a beginning.

01FEB2075 – The day that lives changed.

The first session of a the new Campaign saw the heroes meet the chief power player behind the Sentinel Conglomerate. As well as several of her principle staff from the worlds first true android, Una, to Electra’s two daughters Serenity and Artemis Ovi’roa. As well as the white and black wolves that guarded Electra in her office during the first meeting.

A recap follows,

  1. The brother and sister from Mitsuhama were rescued by Una, who over a period of weeks brought them to Seattle and the Sentinel Conglomerate world Headquarters.
  2. Electra made them offer and requested they meet other “potentials” and bring them to her in order for the same offer to be given to them.
  3. It was learned by the party that Electra was once a shadowrunner and had built her corporation to “change the world” but her corporation had grown so quickly that she had “built herself a glass castle” and needed a team of on-retainer, permanent black-ops ‘runners to handle the things she couldn’t handle with her own people for fear of backlash from the Big 10 and other large AA’s.
  4. All present during the second meeting agreed to her terms.
Of sinners and the sinless...

February 12th 2075,

Lives will change on this day.

Those whose lives have been destroyed shall find a new hope, a new light, and something to believe in. Or perhaps they shall shun the messenger that brings a message and an outstretched hand and an offer,

“Come and be something more, for the greater good….”

We shall see what comes of these meetings between the sinners and the sinless, the walkers in the shadows in-between the monoliths of the world.

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